Curly Coated Retrievers


Bracco Italiano






Troy & Lady

Lady's first litter produced a single female puppy- Curlabull Solitaire.

Marisol (4 weeks) with auntie Nesta

Marisol at 5 weeks

Marisol 6 weeks

Curlabull Satisfy My Soul, Sh Ch Curlabull King Arthur JW Sh CM, Curlabull Solitaire (20 weeks)

Marisol 11 months.


Pedigree of: Curlabull  Solitaire
Curlabull Solitaire
Date of Birth


Sex  Female
Owner Breeder Mr & Mrs Jacques


Call Name  Marisol
 Elerrina Untouchable Int Ch Summerwind's Nordic Delight Summerwinds Northern Thunder Am Ch Summerwind Neverending Story Am Ch Summerwinds Glory of Raven
Jar Em's Jane Austin of SW
El Macks Jody of Wits End Am Ch Karakul Casino
Wits End Up The Down Stairs
Am Ch Summerwind's Delight of Kurly K Int Ch Nord Ch Fin Ch SU Ch Nu Ch Caballus Oscar Int Ch UK Ch Fin Ch Se Ch Caballus Grand Slam
Oak's Wild Song
Am Ch Kurly Kreek Rosie The Riveter Am Ch Mayhem's Gentlemans Agreement
Am Ch Addidas Such Charm
NL Ch VDH Ch Elerrina Caramel Velvet Sh Ch Kelsmere Kopyright Sh Ch Oakleigh Oberon at Kelsmere Sh Ch Lahabra Conquerer
Patience Red
Kelsmere Kalliopsis at Aspenwood Su Ch Cornerstone's Take A Chance On Me at Kelsmere
Kelsmere Kaikoura
NL Ch VDH Ch Myosotisis Lotus Elite NL Ch Lux Ch VDH Ch Moselund's Jaguar Int Ch NL Ch Lux Ch VDH Ch D Ch Dk Ch Caballus Inferno
Moselund's Lette Brise
NL Ch Lux Ch VDH Ch Cwmgilli Sevruga Darelyn Jim Jiminee
Sh Ch Cwmgilli Independant Image
Curlabull Lady Of The Lake Sh Ch Lenellie Black Kontender at Kelsmere  Sh Ch Oakleigh Oberon at Kelsmere Sh Ch Lahabra Conquerer Ch Hawthorn Ranger of Brenal
Littlewickers Nightnurse
Patience Red Angolcroft Artful Sir
Brenal Ebonywood
Sh Ch Lenellie Designed In Black   Sh Ch Gladrags Jack The Lad Gladrags Emperor
Ch Gladrags Celebrity
Sh Ch Grenowood Hazy idea at Lenellie Daelyb Dixon At Jancliff
Grenowood Dolly Mixture
Curlabull The Angels Share JW Sh CM Sh Ch Ir Sh Ch Int Ch Springcurl Rigoletto JW Sh CM  Sh Ch Lizallwood Wayward Lad Mighty Demetrious at Swickhill
Sh Ch Lizallwood Dangerous Lady
Ch Swe Ch Springcurl Peace Of Mind JW Kelsmere Governer
Ch Gladrags Keepmeinmind
Curlabull Speak The Truth Sh CM Sh Ch Kelsmere Kingcup Of Daelyb Gladrags Nobleman
Kelsmere Lark
Springcurl Speak My Mind Kelsmere Governer
Ch Gladrags Keepmeinmind
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